Artists inspect scale models of various sizes.

Artists inspect scale models of various sizes.

On October 30, 2017, 5:30 pm at The Union for Contemporary Art we held a second artist input meeting to further discussion around ideal live/work spaces to be potentially built on Lake Street.

Attendance: 11 artists (sculpture, multi-media, photography, installation, fiber, encaustic/graphic design)

1. Recap of presentation with suggestive live/work frameworks. Co-living, shared spaces, single rooms, etc.

2. Introduction to high-level concepts about the building(s) scale, placement on lot, volumes, and number of structures.

3. Models investigation – scales of living vs. studio spaces, layout, feasibility of configurations

All images are examples and are not indicative of final design

All images are examples and are not indicative of final design


- Photographer – prefers studio to be a separate space for clients to visit

- Sculptor – needs higher ceilings and free-flowing studio space

- Most in attendance are in consensus that having live and work spaces separate would be ideal

- Interest in an open floor plan that allows the residents to build out their own spaces as needed with pre-fabricated rolling walls, curtains, or dividers for artists

- Shared kitchen versus personal kitchenette

- Artist storage space such as archive area

- Artist would be willing to have smaller living spaces in exchange for larger workspaces

- Multiple configurations would be nice to accommodate families

- Residents must show how they are connected to the community or willing to be a part of the community

- Artists FROM here are important, but more important is are they FOR here.

- Windows that blackout

- Is it possible to do more studios than living spaces?

- Vibrant, bold colors – draw people in.

- Keep in mind that Lake Street is on a truck route and buildings are loud. Shake, etc.

Scale model examples

Scale model examples


What are the thoughts on restrictions for spaces?

A: Still talking about the range of possibilities. We know we cannot be all things to all people so we are seeking input and asking for insight on what is already available or needed in our community.

How raw will the spaces be?

A: Looking at keeping the spaces very raw – possibly concrete floors, things that can sustain artists mixed uses

Will there be job opportunities within the space?

A: There is a high possibility

What are the thoughts for the Showcase?

A: Not sure yet, but thoughts have been coming around to a music venue, recording studio, etc.


- $1/sq ft

- For people living in a house, $1500 is too much above budget

- $250-300 is the sweet spot (for just studio space)

All content present is preliminary discussion and is not guaranteed. It is merely indicative of the direction of the conversation held and the information is being factored into the design and development stage of this project.

We invite you to attend our next meeting which will be a community conversation November 16, 2017 to discuss the findings more broadly and gain feedback from all persons who wish to participate.