We’re at the half way point in our fellowship and I still sometimes feel shocked (and then really overwhelmingly lucky) that I get to be a part of this program with such amazing people who are doing and creating amazing things.

The studio has been a gift and a dream and a boisterous challenger all wrapped into one. It is my first studio in this new creative chapter of life. It is a space for collecting treasures, it is white walls with no rules, it is a safe place and a peaceful place. It is an observation room, a solitary cove to watch myself and learn to love my own little habits and ticks and quirks. It is making things and taking things apart and practice.

Most of all it's practice.

It's practicing risk, practicing self-kindness, practicing curiosity, practicing mercy, practicing grace, practicing new thoughts, practicing asking for help and practicing acceptance.

I have learned that I have a hard time starting and I have hard time finishing but that I am overflowing with ideas and passion and that with practice those things can carry me through.

I have learned that I don’t have to love everything that I make, but I do need to make things or I’ll never know; that I might be surprised about what happens when things aren’t perfect and that sometimes getting stuck at the studio during a big storm is just the push I need to get going.

I have learned that hands in the dirt and tiny seeds can be the best kinds of inspiration and I have learned that there are beautiful things happening in this town and beautiful people making them happen.

And that’s only halfway in. Three more months to go. 

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