When I started my residency back in March I actually started a blog as well. However, over time I realized my posts were not only somewhat dull and self involved, but also that they were more of the literal use of the word weblog. Like a captains log. Very boring, what happened that day ect. So I eventually abandoned the whole thing. Although I did try at that time to take a picture each day. As I have not kept up with that, I have compiled a slide show of my progress to this point from images that give a broader shot of my studio and relevant work. Although it just might look like a room getting more and more cluttered.

I currently am working on a baby deer, made of wood with hinged legs that will spread out and in again in a copy of how a newborn fawn or horse moves trying to stand or eat. I also have been working on a wooden skeleton of my youngest son, rigged to work like a push puppet, one of those toys that you press on the bottom and it collapses. Both of these pieces are part of a larger body of work about raising children, my own, others, along with my own upbringing. I am still working out the exact why. I usually make what I want to make, and then figure out why I made it, rather than the other way around.

The residency at The Union has helped to put some things in perspective about my larger body of work, while interacting with some of the children around the neighborhood and having them interact with my own children. I realize how trivial some of my concerns are, along with validation of some other concerns.  Not to mention having a space outside of my home to work, has changed my state of mind when I work. Overall, I really would recommend this experience to anyone who can do it.