Photo by  Dana Damewood

With so many different mediums acting as contributing factors to his finalized creations, Chikadibia has an intensively complex creative process. “Living in the now, with self” is how Chikadibia describes his creative process. Chikadibia takes a lot of inspiration from his surroundings, or seeing things on social media, from his individual perspective as a human in life, and from GOD. “As I further observe and interact with energy, that I perceive through my mind, my journey in life brings more concepts and premonitions of what to create.” In a nutshell: multimedia/music/modeling is what he does, GOD/intuition is how he does it, and for humanity's culture is why he does it.

Chikadibia is no stranger to the local prestigious platforms like The Orpheum Theatre, The Rose Theater, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, KANEKO, public billboards on Omaha’s most popular streets, The Slowdown and even The Union for Contemporary Art. Chikadibia was recently awarded first and second place in Metro Community College’s Film Conference for his self-directed music videos titled “Black Lives Matter" and “O.B.E. [out of body experience]”.