Edem Kegey is a musician, poet, visual and movement artist. 

As Edem Soul Music, her goal is to reach and teach people about positive self image, and belief in their purpose in this world. She performs all over the city including schools, youth centers, women's centers, and the Malcolm X Foundation to bring awareness to issues many people of color and people living in poverty face. 

Growing up in an African household, her mother would talk of the times she went through starvation, in a famine in Africa. She would also tell of the genocides and horrible atrocities that would strike neighboring villages and countries she would remember seeing/hearing about. Edem was taught many things, but showing compassion to other individuals was always priority number one. 


1. How have you grown as an artist during your time as a Fellow?

The experience of being a fellow has helped me learn more about my craft, work habit, and creative style, as well as working artistically in a group.

2. What major obstacle(s) did you encounter over the year?

Working as a group of fellows to bring about change, wasn't necessarily difficult but, it was definitely a growing experience. Bringing your craft, and the talents of others to the table, is definitely a bonding experience that requires us all to grow.

3. What do you plan to do after the fellowship has ended?

I plan to strengthen my craft, and the crafts of others. I am a firm believer in being the change you seek. Putting forth that effort off growth is number one.

4. Give me your forecast for the art scene in Omaha. 

I believe with the population of Omaha steadily growing, the city will have a larger potential to pour money into the arts and into communities that lack a strong art presence. I think Omaha is headed in a good direction. Strong initiatives are what will make it possible.