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Join us for our fourth feminist art article club session with local artists discussing the role that feminism and the feminine play in art scenes locally and globally. 

This session will focus on the cancellation of a New York production of "The Mikado" because of racist portrayals of Japanese culture and "yellow face." We will talk about the impacts of racism in performance, and how historic precedence is used as an excuse to cover harmful actions. 

We've also included a chapter from Bell Hooks' classic "Feminism is for Everybody" (the chapter on race).

The conversation is open to all and not bound to the readings - so please attend if you have an interest but have not completed the readings!

Articles have been combined into a single PDF. Download here:

Links to the original sources are included in the document. 

If you have any questions, please contact Union Program Manager Paige Reitz at paige@u-ca.org.

Feminist Art reading Club is an artist-led space for discussion. If you are interested in hosting your own thematic art discussion group at The Union, you are welcome to pitch the idea to us!