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  • 1818 Vinton Street
  • Omaha, NE, 68108
  • United States

Project Project is pleased to announce the opening reception of [UNION FELLOW] Dan Crane’s Real Business by Omaha artist Dan Crane on Friday, November 13. Crane will be installing a pop-up shop of purchasable wares and art prints, all made by the artist. For nearly a decade, Crane has been a fixture of the local DIY art scene and produces some of the most original and exciting work in the community. As always, Project Project opening receptions are free and open to the public. 

From the artist:
In an age rampant with exaggerated techno-identities, shameless self promotion, desperate attempts to reach larger audiences, substance-lacking hype, emulations of corporate juggernauts, and other first world problems, Dan Crane's Real Business is no exception! Please join Crane at this once-in-a-lifetime art show/shop/event/party to watch him try to capitalize on what he's been told his talents are, and don't forget to, "BUY, SELL! BUY, SELL! FUNNY MONEY BOO-BAH!!! Wall Street stuff, sorry 'bout that." -Woodrow

Dan Crane’s Real Business is organized by Joel Damon and Josh Powell