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Opening Reception: Saturday June 4th, 6-9PM
Wanda D. Ewing Gallery* // 2520 N. 24th Street

In her latest exhibition, STITCH, Sarah Rowe explores the design and gesture of the humble stitch. Its shape is painted on body casts and wood panels, sewn into a myriad of fabrics, and honored through ceremony in the gallery.

Rowe has collected lost family heirlooms and abandoned embroidery projects, joining them together into a scroll of unknown histories. She rectifies past and present, creating a flag for all nations and generations. The sacred + symbol calls to the four directions used in Lakota ceremony, honoring the connection of humankind to earth and sky. The quick movements in Rowe’s embroidery call to swiftly jotted dream images and primitive historical recordings. 

Recorded on video, Rowe performs the jingle dress dance in her traditional healing dress. She honors past generations of healers and warriors that have kept the importance of ceremony alive for our generation to carry on.


Sarah Rowe is of Lakota and Ponca descent and is an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. She holds a BA in Studio Art from Webster University, St. Louis and is a Licensed Esthetician practicing holistic body treatments and Lakota Sound Therapy. She has incorporated aspects of Lakota healing ceremonies into her work throughout her life as a traditional flute player, visual artist, and dancer. She believes sharing knowledge of these healing ceremonies enriches our connections to ourselves and the earth, promoting well-being and balance of mind and body.

Show runs through June 25th. Exhibitions are free and open to the public. Gallery hours are Wednesdays 4 - 7PM, Saturdays 11AM - 2PM or can be made via appointment by reaching out to our Program Manager, Paige Reitz at paige@u-ca.org.

*Please note that our gallery has moved to 2520 N. 24th Street. Parking is available in the Omaha Small Business Network parking lot just east of the gallery.