• The Union for Contemporary Art (map)
  • 2423 North 24th Street
  • Omaha, NE, 68110
  • United States


The Union's Performing Arts Collective is looking to cast:
4 black women & 1 black man
of various adult ages including mature women
, for original scripts being developed by Peggy Jones, Kim Louise, and Beaufield Berry (all Omaha-based Black female playwrights) for Centering the Margins, three new short productions inspired by 365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project that aims to write women back into the social consciousness and promote and empower female playwrights around the world.

Rehearsals begin January 10, 2018.
Performance Dates: February 16–March 4
Performances Thursdays through Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 4pm

By Peggy Jones

Floryence Kennedy was a Black American woman once called “the biggest, loudest and indisputably the rudest mouth on the battleground” where feminist-activists and radical politics join in the mostly common cause.

By Kim Louise

When Lynea is diagnosed with severe hysteria, she insists she’s not ill and that an ancient spirit has taken over her mind. In an act of desperation, Lynea’s sister travels to Africa to solicit the help of the ancient spirit all the while wondering if she’s just as crazy as her sister.

They Don’t Teach History in School Anymore
By Beaufield Berry

Open your books to chapter one. We need to talk about our grandmothers. The life and times of Janis Berry.