• The Union for Contemporary Art (map)
  • 2423 North 24th Street
  • Omaha, NE, 68110
  • United States

As part of the 2018 Union Fellows Exhibition, join Fellow Chikadibia Ebirim in the Wanda D. Ewing Gallery as he unveils his newest musical project and merchandise (clothes, accessories, posters) he’s produced over the course of his Fellowship.

The Listening Party is FREE and open to the public (all ages).

During his time as a Fellow, Chikadibia has fully utilized the opportunity to create and increase value for his multidisciplinary expressions. Of his many talents, he is undoubtedly most passionate about his musical contribution to the world.

Chikadibia’s contribution to the Fellows’ group exhibition includes a wall of screen-printed posters and a listening station playing his COMPOS MENTIS? EP.

The self-produced Hip-Hop EP embodies feelings of eeriness, posing intriguing questions like: “You know that you got to die at some point in this life, right?” and “What's up with the divide between African Blacks and American Blacks?”

The songs contemplate the options of a trapped person in the hoods of Omaha, facing everything from the lack of opportunity due to discrimination, the inevitability of death, and the participation of survival. COMPOS MENTIS? hauntingly contrasts moments of ecstatic beauty with lingering darkness.

Through all the madness and chaos of the world, Chikadibia Ebirim encourages each of us to stay sane when things don’t unfold the way we’ve intended. Always strive – his songs remind us – even after you have faced discomfort and disappointment.