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  • Omaha, NE, 68110
  • United States

Lincoln-based artist Matthew Sontheimer’s drawings and photographs explore how we access, process, adapt to, ignore, and otherwise live with information. The artist’s drawings follow internal dialogue presented as an ongoing conversation between two fictional characters in the form of intimate, maze-like compositions. Expressing the sometimes discordant speeds of thinking and making, Sontheimer’s works are filled with revisions, sidebars, and tangents that provide a wry running commentary about his own process.


Flagging Conversations

Over the course of Matthew Sontheimer’s exhibition, we will hold an ongoing public conversation in multiple formats, seeking how queries and responses can help us understand community more intimately. To keep this dialogue visible, questions and answers both posed and provided by the community will be stitched into flags and displayed at The Union later this spring. Stop by the gallery annex beginning March 9 to participate.