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  • 2423 North 24th Street
  • Omaha
  • United States

This January, Belize-born artist and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor, Santiago Cal, brings a meditation on family and identity to the Wanda D. Ewing Gallery. (On view: Jan 26 through March 2.)

SHAPED BY THE OTHER presents two concurrent bodies of work in a diversity of mediums, including drawing, sculpture, sound, and video. The first collection explores Cal’s identity as formed by objects commonly associated with Latin America – such as guayaberas, machetes, and chanclas. The work creates cultural metaphors from everyday items which contribute, both materially and spiritually, to the artist’s sense of identity.

The second collection turns an eye to Cal’s immediate family in a series of arresting sculptures and sketches of his sleeping wife and child. Exploring the notion of the family as a “collective self,” Cal explains “We shape each other through consideration and change. I find that growth resulting from this reflection occurs just prior to sleep, which is why I have chosen this particular time and place to explore.”