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Join us for an interactive conversation about intersectionality and empathy!  In conjunction with Alexandria Smith’s exhibition, “Try a Little Tenderness” in our Wanda D. Ewing Gallery, Omaha artists, academics, and activists Felicia Webster, Peggy Jones, and Morgann Freeman will guide conversation that asks us to consider the complexities of black women’s identities.   Participants will “imagine a black woman,” by considering her reality through the lenses of media representation, care and community, activism and allyship.  All are welcome; come to talk or listen, learn and connect!

Join us Wednesday, March 15th for refreshments from 6:30, with conversation starting at 7.  

Morgann Freeman is an intersectional feminist and pro-Black activist who writes, blogs, and speaks about Blackness, feminism, and intersectionality; LGBTQIA+ issues, ableism, and other social issues. She runs an inclusive communications consultant firm, and her blog, Melanin & Honey, focuses on Black women and non-men’s experiences in Omaha.

Peggy Jones is Associate Professor of Black Studies at the University of Nebraska Omaha.  Her research centers around intersections of language and identity, white privilege, and media (mis)representations of race and gender. Her academic research also intersect with the production of playwriting, performance, and visual art.

Felicia Webster is a spoken word poet, who has performed as part of Daughters of the Diaspora, ChANgEs, and currently hosts and directs Verbal Gumbo: a monthly spoken word open mic and Love Down Below: a love-themed variety show.