Shea Wilkinson has been a sewer of clothes, costumes, quilts, and dolls since she was a child. After years of hand quilting, she decided that she needed a quicker method or she would never finish all she wanted to accomplish. This led her to free motion quilting, and the passion she immediately felt for it got her a new nickname – “the quiltabeast”.

Shea quilts free-hand on a non-computerized domestic machine with a quilting foot, allowing her to manually shift the quilt around, creating all of the designs using only her hands, feet, and imagination. Her prefered materials are high quality cotton and silk fabric in dark colors with bright polyester threads. For her, the combination of the dark background and vividly colored foreground is the most appealing aspect of the images she creates. That the colors stand out so brightly, and yet are seemingly devoid of a light source creates an otherworldly atmosphere in the pieces.

Shea’s works have been exhibited throughout Omaha and Council Bluffs and will soon be exhibited in Nantong City, China for the 7th International Fiber Art Biennial and International Fiber Art Symposium.

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photo by  Dana Damewood

photo by Dana Damewood