As part of The Union’s commitment to assist with the revitalization of the North Omaha community, we launched our Abundance Garden Project in 2013 with the help of Chicago-based artists, Patrick Thorton and Kurt Messerle, part of the Cream Co. collaborative and support from Jim Duignan of the Stockyard Institute.


Our facility is located within the boundaries of one of Nebraska’s largest food deserts. Simply put, a food desert is a low-income census tract where a substantial number of residents lack easy access to a grocery store. Nearly 47% of the residents living within a two mile radius of The Union lack access to healthy, nutritious food.

Our Abundance Garden Project is a community garden that truly belongs to the community. Built and maintained by volunteers, the garden provides a source of fresh produce for our neighbors in north Omaha.

In the spring of 2018, The Union will begin construction on our new garden, located at 2220 Willis Avenue, just southeast of the Blue Lion. The 6,300 sq. ft. lots enables us to greatly increase the amount of food we produce for our neighbors and our capacity to connect a larger number of community members with our urban agriculture initiatives. The $30,000 project will provide The Union with a hoop house so that we can grow produce throughout the year, an irrigation system, seating for events and workshops, and room to grow three times the food we were able to produce in our former location. Be sure to check back in the spring for an update of the project, as well as information on how you can support our efforts.