Plays Out Loud! is the Union for Contemporary Arts Performing Arts Collective readers theatre series that gives directors, actors, and audiences an opportunity to experience live theater focusing solely on the words. All performances are done with script in hand followed by a Q&A session with the director and cast.

Directed by: Nik Whitcomb, Denise Chapman, Echelle Childers

Produced by: The Union for Contemporary Art Performing Arts Collective

Audition location: The Union for Contemporary Art 2423 N 24th street (Lake street entrance)

Performance dates: 

Smart People by Lydia R. Diamond - March 21

Lawd the CVS is Burning a musical by Carla Stillwell - April 18

Unfinished Women… by Aishah Rahman - May 23

Seating begins at 6:30, Performance at 7:00.







The Union’s Performing Arts Collective (PAC) is launching a series of theatre and performance workshops for adults!  

Intro to the Michael Chekhov Technique

April 25, 6–8pm

Participants will be guided through an introduction of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique that gives the actor a set of tools to help fine tune the body and imagination to be present and aware.

Intro to Improv

April 20, 6:30–7:30 pm

Come play with the power of improv’s infamous “Yes....And!”. This high energy workshop will help you break out of your comfort zone and think quick on your feet.

Breath, Body & Voice

April 6, 6–8pm // May 9, 6–8pm

Taking it back to the basics, this workshop uses methods and exercises from Kristen Linklator to build strong breath, body and voice connections.

Intro to Modern Dance

April 26, 6–8pm

Explore basic modern dance techniques, structured improvisation, and phrase work utilizing techniques introduced throughout the class. All movement levels and backgrounds welcome.  

ANGIE SEYKORA // Part to Part

Omaha artist Angie Seykora transforms cast-off plastics and other familiar objects into mysterious and seductive sculptures. Using mass-produced, ubiquitous products – plastic wrap, steel wool, disposable placemats – that typically serve one very specific task, the artist explores the material properties and purposes of commonplace items. In her process-based practice, Seykora focuses on the visual and tactile qualities of these items, altering them through repetition, handiwork, and scale. By ignoring the prescribed functions of these objects and considering only their physical properties, the artist forces us to question exactly what we are seeing, the sustainability of cultural production, and how we place value on the things we keep and those we part with.  

Part to Part will run April 14 to May 27th, 2017 at The Union for Contemporary Art’s Wanda D. Ewing Gallery. Ms. Seykora will be in attendance for the Opening Reception -Friday April 14th from 6:00-9:00 pm.