The Union for Contemporary Art is committed to strengthening the creative culture of the greater Omaha area by providing direct support to artists and increasing the visibility of contemporary art forms in our community. We are committed to uniting artists and the community to inspire positive social change in North Omaha. The organization was founded on the belief that the arts can be a vehicle for social justice and greater civic engagement; it is our hope that the arts can be used as a vehicle to connect our diverse community in innovative and meaningful ways.

• Fellowship program
• Exhibitions of contemporary work
• Access to equipment and studio space for local artists
• Professional development for artists
• Opportunities for greater community engagement

• Mentorship in various mediums
• Access to materials and space
• Connections with professional artists
• Programs for both kids and parents

• North Omaha Tool Library
• Abundance Garden Project
• Mural projects
• Kith, a community gathering
• Collaborative events with community partners
• Neighborhood clean-up days
• Supply drives for community partners by local and national artists

BUILT OUT and equipped The CoOp, our communal studio program, with a ceramics space, darkroom, wood shop and print studio. Opening in January 2014.
RENOVATED our temporary gallery space and started the exhibition program with our first show – Stochastic by Andrew Johnson.
LAUNCHED our Abundance Garden Project which provided opportunities for area youth to experience urban agriculture, gave seeds and tools to local gardeners and provided a source of fresh produce for our neighbors.
PROVIDED support to 10 artists and gave them an opportunity to serve their community through the Fellowship program.
STARTED our youth outreach program, connecting nearly 100 children from North Omaha with the arts.
INCREASED the inventory of the North Omaha Tool Library by 50% to better serve the community
LAUNCHED the North Omaha Mural Project by completing our first mural in the community
COLLABORATED on projects and events with the following community partners: LiveWell Omaha, Nebraska Shakespeare, Beverage Middle School, The Bryant Center, UNO Service Learning, Great Plains Theater Conference, Creighton University’s Lied Gallery, the Long School Neighborhood Association and Inclusive Communities.

The Union for Contemporary Art is a strong and vibrant place to unite greater Omaha artists, stimulate creativity, and inspire social change within our community. To continue our great work, we need your financial support. We ask you to consider a gift that will allow us to expand our unique programs and meet the growing demand for our work. The Union is positioned to do so much more, but we need your help to get there.

Thank you for your partnership and support of our efforts to cultivate opportunities for people to learn, connect and create.