The Union's Neighborhood Arts summer initiative began in 2015. Through community-driven projects that focus on neighborhood-level relationship building, the initiative provides local artists with opportunities for professional growth and North Omaha residents, of all ages, with an array of opportunities to actively engage in creative practices, neighborhood rejuvenation, and building more positive community narratives through participation in the arts. 

Summer 2017 Projects

Sidewalks Talk

Sidewalks Talk is a public art project that uses poetry to breathe life and art into the everyday in North Omaha by stamping the words of our neighbors into community sidewalks. The project will mirror successful initiatives demonstrated in cities including St. Paul, Minnesota. In our pilot year, a community committee will select two to four poems from an open call to local artists, North Omaha residents and youth. Custom cement stamps will be created and the poems permanently installed in coordination with The City of Omaha Public Works Department who will stamp selected sidewalks already slated for summer repair. Each poem will be installed in 2-4 locations. Based on feedback, we will make this an annual summer partnership. 

Selected poets will receive a monetary award for the use of their poems.


  • You must live in North Omaha (north of Cuming St, east of 72nd St) or attend a school located in North Omaha
  • Please submit a MAXIMUM of three poems per person
  • In order to fit on a sidewalk, poems must be NO MORE than 10 lines down and approx 6 words across per line
  • Teachers may submit poems for their students. Please create one submission for all your students with a .zip file consisting of individual documents to your students poems + their contact information 

 If you have any questions, please email our Director of Programs + Projects Paige Reitz at before submitting. Submissions due May 30th, 2017 at midnight. 

North Omaha Mural Project

Our North Omaha Mural Project connects local artists and communities to collaborate on public art that represents the spirit of the neighborhood. Launched in the summer of 2015, The Union has worked with youth groups, neighborhood associations, business districts, and neighbors to create murals throughout north Omaha. 


Summer 2016 mural

Community: Florence/Minne Luisa Neighborhood 

Lead Artist: Christine Stormberg

Assistant Artists: Sarah Jones + Hugo Zamorano 

Want to get involved with this summer's mural? See our schedule with community meetings and paint days here. Please reach out to Director, Programs + Projects Paige Reitz with any questions --

Murals Archive