Through community-driven projects that focus on neighborhood-level relationship building, The Union's Neighborhood Arts initiative provides local artists with opportunities for professional growth and North Omaha residents, of all ages, with an array of opportunities to actively engage in creative practices, neighborhood rejuvenation, and building more positive community narratives through participation in the arts. 


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Summer 2018

Community: N 24th Street Corridor
Lead Artist: Applications now closed. Muralist to be announced July 2018
Mural Address: 2505 N 24th Street – Business and Technology Center building

North Omaha Mural Project

Our North Omaha Mural Project connects local artists and communities to collaborate on public art that represents the spirit of the neighborhood. Launched in the summer of 2015, The Union has worked with youth groups, neighborhood associations, business districts, and neighbors to create murals throughout north Omaha. 

Summer 2016 Mural

Community: Florence/Minne Luisa Neighborhood
Lead Artist: Christine Stormberg
Assistant Artists: Sarah Jones + Hugo Zamorano
Mural Address: 8405 N 30th Street – south wall

Summer 2015 Murals

Community: Prospect Village Neighborhood
Lead Artist: Betni Kalk
Mural Address: 1817 N 33rd Street – south wall


Community: Hope Center for Kids
Lead Artist: Maggie Weber
Mural Address: 2200 N 22nd Street – west wall