Since 2011, Qween Samone has designed a lifestyle dedicated to turning her passions into reality through the building of a fashion empire. Qween began this journey into fashion design and business self taught at the age of 20. She came from a poor background in north Omaha with desires of inspiring those less fortunate.

Qween's practice consists of creative directing of fashion shows and creative events, and designing original product lines that appearing in platforms and publications like Omaha Fashion Week, Asos Marketplace (UK) the Fashion Institute Midwest, Omaha Magazine, and the Omaha World Herald.

1. How have you grown as an artist during your time as a Fellow?

I’ve grown to realize that I am multi-talented and I’m not ashamed of it. Operating Legalized Rebellion with two employees made me realize how important community truly is. This time as a fellow has made me realize how much my presence and knowledge is needed in the community.  

2. What major obstacle(s) did you encounter over the year?

I faced being a single mother while rebranding my street wear label Legalized Rebellion. It taught me so much about the importance of asking for help and self-care. 

3. What do you plan to do after the fellowship has ended?

I plan on continuing to give back to aspiring entrepreneurs, worker bees, and artists with my workshops. Also, I plan on continuing my education outside the country. 

4. Give us your forecast for the art scene in Omaha. 

I believe 24th street will grow into an amazing art hub for the North Omaha community. I also believe it will birth some of the greatest artists of all time.