Slowed Soul is a collaborative project between artists Noah Sterba and Jeff Sedrel who have both been involved in the Omaha creative scene and beyond for over 8 years.

Rooted in the DIY aesthetic, Slowed Soul started in 2016 to synthesize the creative endeavors in the various artistic mediums both artists had been working with. Jeff had been printing, painting, drawing, and working in graphic design, while Noah had been working on songwriting, the writing of poetry, and experimenting with audio, visual, and linguistic collage. The collective's goal is to design and deliver high quality print media, music, clothing, and more from a diverse group of fresh minded artists, writers, and thinkers from around the world.

1. How have you grown as an artist during your time as a Fellow?

Collectively and individually we have had the chance to make our body of work bigger and it has given us the ability to experiment with different mediums. The space allowed us to work on a larger scale with collages, and gave us access to a print lab that helped us explore print options as well as sharpen our skills. Working with vinyl on the wall at the group show will be a first for us, and something we are excited about.

2. What major obstacle(s) did you encounter over the year?

We started off doing specifically zines, but realized it wasn’t the direction we wanted to take the collaboration. Working together to figure out what we wanted to be was somewhat difficult. We spent a lot of time experimenting with text and graphic work trying to define ourselves.

3. What do you plan to do after the fellowship has ended?

We plan to individually continue to make work within our own mediums. Jeff with painting, drawing and printmaking, and Noah with the written word and music.

4. Give us your forecast for the art scene in Omaha.

We think the DIY scene will continue to grow through independent galleries and spaces. We also are confident that the Union will help foster a stronger art community in North Omaha, and thereby Omaha as a whole.