General Questions

Where is SWAP + SHOP taking place?
Thanks to the amazing generosity of our sponsor, Midtown Crossing, the event will be taking place at 200 South 31st Avenue, which is located in the MC complex. The space is located around the corner from Crave and was formally used to house Parmida and most recently, The Omaha Code School. There is plenty of FREE parking available surrounding the location, and lots of great spots to grab dinner before or drinks after SWAP + SHOP ends.

If I’m donating a piece or buying a piece, do I have to pay the admission fee?
Yes. The event is a fundraiser for The Union, and your admission fee will go directly to funding our work in North Omaha and the programs we create to support local artists in our community. We are incredibly grateful for your support of our work!

I want first crack at scoring a great piece – can I arrive early?
You can arrive at anytime you’d like, but no one will be allowed into the building until the doors open at 6pm. There is plenty of space to camp out by the doors, please feel free to bring a lawn chair and claim your spot. There may be random treats, surprises and a sing-a-long or two for those who make a day of it.

How will I know if a piece is available to purchase or swap?
Each piece of art will be displayed with a small envelope beside it. The envelope will contain a card with a number that corresponds to the piece. When you find a piece you want, simple take the card from the envelope, and the work is officially yours. Whenever you’re ready to leave, just bring your card(s) to one of the check out tables and we’ll have a volunteer get your artwork and bring it to the door for you. If there is no card in an envelope, the piece has been claimed.

PLEASE NOTE // It’s SUPER important that you only take the card if you’re 100% sure you want the piece, please be kind to your fellow SWAP+SHOP attendees and do not hoard cards for piece you are not sure you want. Thank you!!

Do I have to be present to win the raffle?
No. Raffle winners will be drawn at 9pm, right before the event ends – but you do not have to be present to win.

Will I have to take my purchases with me at the end of the night?
Yes – unless the work is too large for you to transport, and then we’ll make other arrangements with you. But we need to vacate the space on the 28th and need all sold art to be gone before then.

Do I have to be 21 or older to attend the event?
No – our bartenders will be checking IDs all evening, so every one is welcome!

Do I have to SWAP or SHOP? Can I just come out to enjoy the food and music?
The event is open to everyone – even if you’re not interested in making a purchase. Come by anytime, pay the admission fee and join in the fun.

Questions about SWAPPING

What types of artwork can I bring in as a swap?
We will accept 2D and 3D artwork in any genre, BUT they have to be works that someone would want – we totally reserve the right to refuse a swap. We’re probably not going to take your old *NSYNC posters or thrift store art finds – unless they’re really spectacular. A good swap is something that you have displayed in your home, but are no longer wanting, an art gift that just wasn’t you, a piece you’ve made that is just taking up space in your studio but deserves a great home, etc.

Does the work need to be framed?
No – while we’d be incredibly grateful if it arrived ready to install, but this is not a requirement.

Do I have to donate something I own, I’m an artist, can I donate something I made?
Absolutely – we’d love that, just remember we reserve the right to refuse works if we feel like they’re not a great fit for the event.

Can I donate more than one piece for the event.
Absolutely! The more works available, the better for everyone – we would be sincerely grateful to receive multiple donations.

I would like to donate work, but I can’t get it to you. Will you pick it up?
We sure will. Please send an email to Josh Norton at or call 933-3161 and we’ll work out the details.

If I donate multiple works, will I get an equal number of swaps.
No – but you will receive five raffle tickets ($50 value) for every additional piece you bring in. So, for example, if you donate three pieces, you’ll get to swap for one new piece of art and will receive ten raffle tickets. You are welcome to purchase as many works as you’d like – but you only get one piece as a swap.

What if there’s nothing I want to swap for?
If there is nothing at the event that you’d like to take home, you’ll be able to turn your swap ticket in and redeem ten raffle tickets ($100 value) 

The piece I’d like to swap is actually really expensive, do I get something extra?
Sorry, but we won’t be judging swaps by value… if nothing else, you’ll be donating the work to help support a great cause (if we must say so ourselves) AND you’ll have the pleasure of knowing someone else is going to get the thrill of a lifetime when they claim that piece!

What happens to works that are left over? Can I get my piece back if no one claims it?
Works that are not sold or swapped for will become part of a small exhibition that The Union will host in the fall, which will provide community members with limited income an opportunity to select a piece to have as their own at no charge.

I would just like to donate works without swapping – can I get a receipt for the donation to file with my taxes?
Absolutely! Just let us know that you’d like to go that route when you drop off your artwork and we’ll be sure to get a receipt to you.

Questions about SHOPPING

Can I purchase multiple pieces? Is there a limit?
There is no limit – please feel free to channel your inner shopaholic and buy, buy, buy!

Will I receive info about the piece(s) I purchase: artist’s name, date created, etc.?
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide that info for every work that’s available at the event. But, if you purchase something and want that info, we’ll try to fill in the details for you following the event.

Can I pay with a card or check?
Absolutely – cash, debit/credit cards and checks will all be accepted as methods of payment.

Have a question that is not answered above? Reach out to Brigitte or Paige or call (402) 933-3161.