COVID-19 Preventative Measures at The Union

  • Union COVID-19 Community Health Practices

    1 - All Union staff and visitors who are feeling ill or who have been exposed to someone who's tested COVID positive are asked to not visit the building.

    2 - Free masks (including clear masks) and face shields will be provided on site for anyone in need.

    3 - Co-Op participation will be limited to maintain safety in the studios. To facilitate this, we've moved to an appointment-only model for reserving time to work in the studios.

    4 - In 2021 The Union invested in updating our ventilation systems throughout the building, installing ionisers on each system which work to purify the air circulated within the building.

    5 - Union staff will regularly sanitize all high-touch areas throughout the day, including a full deep-cleaning of all regularly-touched surfaces at the end of each day.

    6 - We will encourage visitor hygiene with easy access to hand sanitizer throughout the building.