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Co-Op Studios

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The Union’s Co-Op Studios provide access to art-making equipment and communal studio space for developing and professional artists (ages 18+). Co-Op Passholders will have access to five studios:

  • Ceramics Studio
  • Darkroom
  • Digital Design Lab
  • Fiber Arts Studio
  • Print Shop

Want to know more? CLICK HERE to visit the Co-Op FAQ page.

Email Co-Op Studios Manager, Sarah Jones, at with any questions or to be added to the Co-Op newsletter.

Artists work on clay handbuilding in the ceramics studio
Purchase or Gift a Co-Op Studios Pass

Gain access to the Co-Op Studios by purchasing a monthly pass! A Co-Op Pass offers artists access in all five studios during building hours. Passes are available at varying rates, beginning at $15/month*.

* Scholarships are available for anyone who wants a Co-Op Pass, but cannot afford the fee. Please email or visit our front desk to inquire.

Purchase a Co-Op Pass or Gift Pass
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Thursday Night Workshops

Our Co-Op Workshops offer Co-Op Passholders and the wider community* an opportunity to expand their skills and learn new techniques in each of the Co-Op Studios. Click the button below to see a list of the currently scheduled workshops.

*You do not need to be a Co-Op Passholder to attend Thursday Night Workshops!

Co-Op Workshops
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The Five Co-Op Studios

Ceramics Studio

Works made in the Ceramics Studio are regularly fired by our staff. Storage shelves for works in progress or ready for firing are available.

Kiln Bisque and Glaze Firing dates are posted in the Ceramics Studio.


  • six pottery wheels
  • one gas kiln
  • one electric kiln
  • glaze spray booth
  • two large work tables
  • wedging table
  • a variety of tools
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Photo Darkroom

The Photo Darkroom includes the equipment needed to develop and print photographs from black and white film.


  • one black and white enlarger
  • one color enlarger
  • black and white developing and printing chemistry
  • film drying cabinet
  • light box
  • mat cutter
Animated GIF showing the darkroom prints in trays a loupe on film negatives
Digital Design Lab

The Digital Design Lab has an Apple computer with the Adobe suite, document/negative film scanners, and a large-format printer.


  • one iMac
  • Adobe Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro
  • Epson large format graphics scanner (max image size 11"x17")
  • Epson V600 scanner capable of scanning 35mm and Medium Format Film Negatives
  • 24" Epson large-format printer
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Fiber Arts studio

The Fiber Arts Studio is well-suited for everything from minor mending and tailoring projects to complete garment production, artistic embroidery, and quilting.


  • two Janome Heavy Duty sewing machines
  • Juki serger
  • two 32" looms (available upon request)
  • large work/cutting table
  • tackable wall for pattern layout
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Print Shop

The Print Shop houses a wide range of printmaking tools for everything from screen printing on t-shirts and posters to relief, intaglio, and collagraph printing. The shop is fully ventilated and contains a 30”x48” print drying rack.


  • American French Tool relief/intaglio floor press
  • brayers
  • an acid bath for zinc plates
  • screen printing material
  • multiple printing tables
  • large exposure unit
  • four color/one station garment press
  • flash dryer
  • wash out booth
  • Risograph
Animated GIF showing the print shop and people screen printing and french press wood block engraving

Co-Op Supplies

When using the Co-Op Studios, some supplies are available to purchase in house, and some must be supplied by the artist.

Ceramics Studio

  • All clay fired in The Union's kiln must be purchased via the link below. This ensures that all ceramic projects can be fired together. Purchase of clay includes firing and access to black, white, and clear glazes (cone 5).
  • Artists will supply any additional glazes.


  • Chemistry for Black and White film development and printing is available for purchase at the Co-Op. A price sheet is posted in the Darkroom and is based on volume.
  • Artists may bring their own chemistry, but must take it with them at the end of each session, or store it safely in their Co-Op locker
  • Artists will supply their own photo paper.

Digital Design Lab

  • Prints made using the large format Epson printer will be priced based on square footage. The printer is loaded with a Premium Luster Photo Paper.

Fiber Arts Studio

  • Artists will supply all materials for fiber arts projects.

Print Shop

  • Use of emulsified screens, inkjet transparencies, and Risograph master sheets/prints are available for purchase.
  • Artists will supply screen printing ink, any carved/etched substrate for printmaking, and paper/garments for printing.
Purchase Clay
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Co-Op Studio Hours

Tuesday: 1-8 pm
Wednesday: 1-8 pm
Thursday: 1-8 pm
Friday: 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 10 am-5 pm

Co-Op Studio Tech Hours

Tuesday: Ceramics 1-8 pm, Darkroom 4-8pm,
Print 1-8 pm
Wednesday: Ceramics 1-8 pm, Print 1-8 pm
Thursday: Ceramics 1-8 pm, Print 1-8 pm
Friday: No Technicians on Duty
Saturday: No Technicians on Duty

Co-Op Studios Mask Requests

At The Union, accessibility is one of our core values: “We are committed to removing barriers to the arts by providing programs that are accessible to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual identity, income level, or ability.”

In keeping with this commitment and in an effort to best meet the diverse access needs of individuals using the Co-Op, we’ve implemented a “Mask Request” policy in all five Co-Op Studios.

Passholders who are immunocompromised or otherwise medically sensitive can request that face masks be worn by all artists working in a specific studio during the hour(s) the requesting artist is present. This request can be made when scheduling time in the Co-Op via Skedda. Because each of the studios is a confined space, where folks often spend multiple hours working - the use of masks by all people in the room can significantly mitigate the risk of viral spread.

When a Mask Request has been made, Union staff will notify all other artists working in the designated studio during the hour(s) of the request. Free masks will be provided for anyone who needs one. The Union will ask that all passholders working in the requested studio comply with the request.

At the heart of the Co-Op is the community of artists who give it life and make it all possible through your participation. Our hope is that our Mask Request policy further deepens this spirit of community, mutual care, and support for artists of all needs.

Thank you to all for your understanding, flexibility, and willingness to help cultivate an inclusive creative community in the Co-Op.

**Please note, The Union will continue our COVID safe practices of regularly disinfecting the studios. Our HVAC system was updated in response to COVID to provide the maximum efficacy in clean air for our facility. We routinely check and replace our air filters. Additional air purifiers will be placed in studios upon a mask request.

  • Please note // all Co-Op Studio users and pass holders are held to The Union's standards of conduct outlined in our Code of Conduct.

Visual arts programming at The Union for Contemporary Art (including our Fellowship, Exhibition, and Co-Op Studios programs) is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the VIA | Wagner Incubator Grant Fund.

To learn more about the Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and their work in advancing the visual arts, visit:

To learn more about the VIA | Wagner Incubator Grant Fund visit and

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