Co-Op Studio Passes

A monthly pass gives artists access to all 5 Co-Op Studios during Union building hours.

Funds from the sale of Co-Op Studios Passes are re-invested directly back into the Co-Op program, helping to keep the studios accessible to developing and professional artists in the community.

Monthly Passes (and gift Passes) are available at varying rates, beginning at $15/month. Those who are financially able to support the Co-Op Program at a higher rate, can choose to do so at the $30 or $50 monthly rates.

Your support helps ensure the longevity of the Co-Op program, and its initiative to bring professional-quality, art-making equipment and resources to Omaha-area artists!

Following the links below to purchase a Studio Pass (or gift Pass).

Lockers Available

We've got lockers available for Co-Op Passholders! If you'd like to have access to a locker (with a lock) while you work in the Co-Op, you can select the Pass + Locker option below. Locker rental is $5/month. This cost is added into the purchase of a Pass at those links below, and will be renewed each month along with your Pass.

Yellow Co Op lockers lined up in a hallway