Thank You to Our Annual Supporters!

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Douglas County Visitor Improvement Fund
Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation
Holland Foundation
Kevin McCarthy
Mutual of Omaha
The National Endowment for the Arts
Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment
Peter Kiewit Foundation
Richard Brooke Foundation
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
The Sherwood Foundation
Annette and Paul Smith
VIA | Wagner Incubator Grant Fund
Roger and Kate Weitz
Drew and Meredith Weitz
Weitz Family Foundation
William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation

$19,999 - $10,000

Conagra Brands Foundation
Lozier Foundation
Mid-America Arts Alliance
The NBK Foundation
North Omaha Turn-Back Tax Historical Grant
Omaha Community Foundation
The Phillip and Terri Schrager Foundation
Katie Weitz and Tim Wilson

$9,999 - $2,500

City of Omaha
The Claire and Theodore Morse Foundation
Clif Family Foundation
Claire M Hubbard Foundation
Michael and Nancy McCarthy
National Guild for Community Arts Education
Union Pacific Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation

$2,499 - $1,000

Gregory A
Robin Pierson Barber
Sue Behr
Bluestem Prairie Foundation
Karen and Taylor Borchert
Cindy Lee Christensen
Karen and Robert Duncan
Max and Beth Engel
Vic Gutman & Associates
Amy Haney
Heider Family Foundation
Humanities Nebraska
Susan and Mike Lebens
Michaela White and Albert Macchietto
Emily McElroy
Amy Nelson & Lary Kukuk Jr.
Murray and Sharee Newman
Don and Rita Otis
Phil Schaffart and Brett Jaros
Sue and Mary Stroesser
UNO Maverick Philanthropy

$999 - $500

Stephanie Adams
Nick Allmaker
Jeff and Lindsay Beck
Anne and Jim Carroll
Congregation of Temple Israel
Amy Dorton
Adrian Duran and Alexandra Cardon
Gary Ensz
First United Methodist Church
Carol Gilbert
Randy and Bev Greer
Marni and Joe Heydt
Ellen Jeffries
Andrea Kathol
Andrea Kinnan
Jim and Karen Linder
Othello and Tulani Meadows
R.J. and Liz Neary
OpenSky Policy Institute
Judy Pearl Lee
Hobson and Denise Powell
Krystal Rice
Debra Romberger
Jeffrey Schrager and Anne York
Todd and Betiana Simon
Connie and Rick Spellman
Mary and Kirby Zicafoose

$499 - $100

Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture
Emily Anderson
Sarah Barr
Penny Bay
Laura Berman
Kate Bodmann
Krystal Boose
Catherine Bosley
Alexis Bromley
Laura Burhenn
Celeste Butler
Jessica Chavez Thompson
Sacred Heart Church
Erin Cihal
Katherine Clanton
Sonya Clark
Tiffiny Clifton
Susan Collins
Tanya Cook
Anna Cramer
Celann LaGreca and Tim Crowley
Dana Damewood and Brian Hansen
Drew and Elisa Davies
Molly Deacon
Julie DeWitt
Mary Donahue
Gregory Dubinsky
Angela Eikenberry
Demetra and Elias Eliopoulos
Rick and Tancy Ellis
Chad Graff and Joanna Falkenburg
Mary Ferdig
Terry and Catherine Ferguson
Casey Fictum
Cynthia Gehrie
Emily Gerhardt
Nancy Gilliland
Whitney and Dave Goldner
Donald Goldstein
Kathy Gonzales
Jennifer Green
Dan Crane and Megan Green
Mike and Kathy Gross
Rachel Grossman
Brian Guehring
Jaime Hackbart
Jill Hanson
Sarah Newman and David Harding
Ann and Gary Henningsen
Susan Hiley
Shari Hofschire
Dara Hogan
Bill and Stacia Hoover
Sean Horton
Kay A Horwath
Senator Sara Howard
Amanda Huckins
Thomas Huerter
Gloria Jensen
David and Carol Johnson
Daniel Johnson
Matthew Karasek
Sonia Keffer
Justin and Katie Kemerling
Margaret Kirkeby
Tom and Susan Knight
Sarah Ann and John Kotchian
Mike Krainak and Janet Farber
Debbie and Steve Krambeck
Megan Lassek
Dwight Johnson and Julie Livingston
Patricia Lontor
Laura Loughran
Julie and Philip Lund
Megan Lutz
Meredith Fuller and James Luyten
Julie Luzarraga
Jessica Mogis
Frances and Willa McEvoy
Pete and Carolyn Miller
Virginia Miller
Jessica Mills
Cary and Syed Mohiuddin
Ben and Diane Nelson
Ryan Newton
Nancy Novotny
Kerri O'Connell
Matthew Omojola
Jonathan Orozco
Sally Otis
Diana Palmerton-Fisher
Marghee and Doug Paterson
Ryan Pelster
Barbara and Bob Peters
Patti Peterson
Karen Berry and John Pollack
Leanne Prewitt and Ryan Sorensen
Eric Purcell
Jennifer and Ken Reed-Bouley
Rachel Rentschler
Jay Rich and Doug Boyd
Cheryle Manasil and Todd Robinson
Joseph Rohleder
Amy Rouse
Lee Running
Rick and Carol Russell
Megan Ryan
Patricia Schaefer and Brian Montgomery
Aviva Segall
Sumana Sermchief and Caleb Seavey
Lynda Shafer
Helen Shew
Brenda Siffring
Stewart and Susie Smoler
State of Nebraska
Jean Stillmock
Erik Sukraw
Melissa and Benjamin Teply
Susan Thomas and Steve Hutchinson
Duane and Monte Thompson
Aileen and BJ Tobin
United Way
Christina Renfer Vogel
Andrea Walker
Kim Walker
Mary Wells
Douglas and Debra Wesselmann
Maret Wibel
Kathy Wilson
Christina Wolfgang
Gregory Woodin
Scott Working
Kale Zicafoose and Tyler Palin

Includes gifts received in the past year through December 31, 2021. For questions or corrections, please email

** Multiple anonymous donors