Thank You to Our Annual Supporters!

Peter Kiewit Foundation
Weitz Family Foundation
The Wallace Foundation
The Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Arts
Douglas County
The Sherwood Foundation
Richard Brooke Foundation
National Endowment For The Arts
Edward and Sally Malashock Family Foundation
Ruth Foundation for the Arts
Helen Frankenthaler Foundation
Michael and Nancy McCarthy
Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment
William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation
Mutual of Omaha

$19,999 - $10,000

Arts Consulting Group
Conagra Brands Foundation
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Roger and Kate Weitz
City of Omaha
The Phillip And Terri Schrager Foundation

$9,999 - $2,500

Union Pacific Foundation
First National Bank of Omaha
Mid-America Arts Alliance
Don and Rita Otis
Whitmore Charitable Trust
The Becker Family Foundation
Donald Wurster

$2,499 - $1,000

Heider Family Foundation
Connie Ryan
Kristin Zahra
African American Empowerment Network
Bluestem Prairie Foundation
Elouise Ewing
Howard Kooper
Mike and Susan Lebens
Murray and Sharee Newman
Tulani Grundy Meadows and Othello Meadows
Anne & Jim Carroll
Redhead Family Foundation
Sally Otis

$999 - $500

Max and Beth Engel
Lauren Mankin
Yield Giving
First United Methodist Church
Carolyn Owen Anderson
David and Carol Johnson
Hobson and Denise Powell
Mary and Kirby Zicafoose
Randy and Bev Greer
Terry and Catherine Ferguson
Todd and Betiana Simon
Trilety Wade
Philip and Julie Lund

$499 - $100

Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture
Danielle Baldi
Earl Skow
Laney Feeser
Kent and Mary Stormberg
Susan Witkowski
DioseLina Estevez
Hanna Frekot
Mariah Stricker
Sean McGhee
Sherryl Lilley
Tony and Claudia Deeb
Katie Ohren
Penny Bay
Belinda and Justin Boelter
Andrea Erlich
A'lece Moore
Sydney Tillotson Sehi
Carolyn Cordell
Gloria Jensen
Kim Jubenville Carlson
Leslie Wells
Tom Knight
Jessica Baines
Joscelyn Baines
Samantha Bryant
Andrew Dickson
Arthur Mauseth
Blake Zdechlik
Brent Bettenhausen
Brock Stephens
Carlos Ennius
Davian Almonte
Elissa DeFreese
Eric Klima
Heather Tweedy
Juliet Hubert
Katherine Rubiales
Kiana Ballinger
Liz Hessman
Lucia Rodriguez
Mark manning
Moe Woods
Tristan Weston
Christopher Stinson
Alexandra Wyatt
Mariana Nieto
Emily Anderson & Sarah Bartolomei
ava ewing
Don Keelan-White
Carol and Rick Russell
Lyndsay Vetick
Deandre Rhodes
Elspeth Schaller
Nathan Miller
Penny Molesso
Sovia Bossemeyer
Amanda Kienbaum
Caitlin Finn
Grace Dahlke-Good
Jodie Waits
Mason Myers
Amanda Elena Brito
Emily Hefeli
Jamie Williams
Margaret Gerards
Olivia Larson
Taylor Eagan
Iowa Council of Foundations
Annie Schenzel
Jennifer and Ken Reed-Bouley
Jo Bartikoski
John Binderup and Patricia Carrell
John Pollack
Judy Haney
Sandra L. Bruns
Sarah Gilbert
Sharon Conlon
Stewart and Susie Smoler
Susan and Steve Thomas
Dave Crane
Doug and Deb Wesselmann
Margaret Kirkeby
Shavonne Washington-Krauth

Includes gifts received in the past year through May 29, 2024. For questions or corrections, please email

*** Multiple anonymous donors