Co op faq

Co-Op Studios FAQ

1 - What does a Co-Op membership get me?

As a Co-Op member you’ll have full access to the 5 Co-Op Studios during regular hours:

  • Tuesday & Wednesday: 2pm–9pm
  • Thursday: 2pm–6pm
  • Friday: 12pm–5pm
  • Saturday: 10am–5pm

You’ll also get free access to our weekly Co-Op workshops (supply fees may apply).

2 - Do I need a reservation to use a studio?

Nope. Co-Op members have open access to the studios during Co-Op hours. However, all studios are shared working spaces and equipment is limited, available on a first-come-first-served basis.

3 - How much does a membership cost?

Membership is $80 for 6 months or $120 for a full year.

4 - Can anyone become a Co-Op member?

The Co-Op is open only to individuals ages 18 and over. Professional, developing, and just-curious artists of all kinds are welcome!

5 - Can I bring my kids with me?

For liability reasons, no one under 18 is allowed in the Co-Op Studios at any time.

However, The Union’s Youth program does offer weekly Youth Open Studios on Thursday evenings. From 6 to 8pm, children ages 5-15 are invited to participate in self-directed studio time under the guidance of our Youth teaching artists. Space is limited but Thursday night workshop participants may register their youth in advance.

6 - Can I become a member at any time?

Yes! You can become a Co-Op member at any time. Your 6 or 12-month membership window begins on whichever day you join.

7 - Are supplies provided or do I need to bring my own?

Supplies are not provided and you are welcome to bring your own (see question 8 for details on clay). Many supplies are available for sale through The Union and are purchased via a supply punch card. Punch cards can be redeemed for supplies with a Co-Op Tech.

8 - Can I bring my own clay?

All clay used in the Ceramics Studio needs to be purchased through The Union, in an effort to maintain consistent kiln firing temperatures and safety. Brackers Flint Hills clay (cone 6), in colors buff and red, can be purchased directly at The Union webstore. Purchase of clay includes up to two months of storage, studio glazes, and firing (both bisque + glaze).

9 - Is there a limit to the number free weekly workshops I can attend?

Co-Op members can attend as many weekly workshops as they like. To allow open access to weekly workshops, we ask that Co-Op members refrain from repeating the same workshop twice in one year.

10 - I’d like to visit the Co-Op before committing to a membership. Can someone show me around?

Absolutely! We love showing off our space. For a full tour of the studios, drop by anytime during our regular office hours:

  • Tuesday: 2pm-6pm
  • Wednesday – Friday: 12pm–6pm
  • Saturday: 10am–5pm

11 - What if I need assistance from a tech with equipment in a studio?

Coordinate with Co-op manager for best days/times.

12 - What if I register for a workshop but can not make it?

Please cancel within 24 hours prior by either canceling over Eventbrite, email the Co-Op Manager, or call our front desk.

13 - Can I schedule photoshoots in the studio spaces?


14 - Can materials be stored at The Union?

Lockers available to rent at $5/month (lock provided).

15 - Can I set-up and use your building to (paint, draw, dance, etc)?

Unfortunately, we do not have unlimited space so we ask that members only use our Co-Op Studios for their intended mediums. However, we do encourage creativity and cross-pollination between mediums!

Additional Studio-Specific FAQ


  • How often do you fire the bisque kiln?
    Approximately 2 times a week.
  • How often do you fire the gas kiln?
    The gas kiln is fired when there is enough work to fill the kiln - on average, once a month.
  • What glaze temperature do you fire to?
    Cone 6
  • What is the size limit for pieces that can be fired?
    In order to accommodate the work of multiple artists, works being fired cannot exceed 12x12 inches.
  • What materials should I bring of my own if I am using the Ceramics Studio?
    We have communal tools, members using the Ceramics Studio are encouraged to bring their own apron, 1 gallon bucket (for reclaim) and a towel.


  • Can I use the darkroom independently?
    Yes, after you have met with and been given the okay by a photo tech.


  • What materials should I bring of my own if I am using the Digital Studio?
    Flash drive is needed in order to save documents as nothing will save to the program or desktop after you log out.


  • How do I check out a loom?
    See the Co-Op Manager.


  • What kind of inks can be used?
    For screen printing we only allow water based/acrylic inks. Relief and intaglio may use oil based.