Katera Brown Eli Rigatuso and Sarah Rowe portraits behind the text As You Are

"As You Are"

  • The final portion of the As You Are project is NOW ON VIEW in the Wanda D. Ewing Gallery through Saturday, September 25.

    Drop by during gallery hours to see three large-scale portraits of the project participants Katera Brown, Eli Rigatuso, and Sarah Rowe.

"As You Are" – a new multimedia portrait work by artist Joshua Foo – presented as part of The Union's Pride 2021 programming. The portrait series features 3 members of Omaha's BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community: Katera Brown, Eli Rigatuso, and Sarah Rowe.

Screenings of the short film were held in The Union's Wanda D. Ewing Gallery June 29 through July 24. CLICK HERE to view all screening times.

Our hope for this series is that it serves as a platform from which we might be able to expand the conversation about life at the intersection of being BIPOC and LGBTQIA+. That, through the arts, we are able to shine a light on the challenges and celebrations of our LGBTQIA+ community. We are also hoping to create opportunities for others to see themselves in this space, in the arts, in our community. Our goal, at its simplest, is to support LGBTQIA+ community members, with an emphasis on QTPOC, and amplify their vibrancy/beauty within our community.

The Union's Pride 2021 programming is made possible thanks to the support of Omaha Community Foundation's Equality Fund.

{ID: Video featuring Katera, Eli, and Sarah in front of a black background. Video of the three people fades in and out and overlaps one another. Katera looks confidently at the camera. Sarah twirls in slow motion with arms raised and a pink shawl draping her arms. Eli stands, with eyes closed, and arms raised, fists touching. Opening text reads “Three participants were asked to close their eyes and reflect on their own personal journey. Focusing on individuals, places, and experiences that helped them along their way. The three participants were then asked “who are you?” This is what they said.” Closing text reads “You are beautiful as you are.”}


THANK YOU to Mulhall's for their support of this project

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