Header Carol Flora Project A mural of fruit and floral pattern and half a face on a wooden fence

Carol Flora

Turtle Island Celebration: A Youth Parade for Environmental Advocacy

Feminists For Change: A Community Youth Collaborative is hosting the first Turtle Island Celebration: Youth Parade for Environmental Advocacy. The parade will take place along the sidewalk surrounding the state capitol building in support of the environment. The parade is in support of any group/organization, non-profit, business, doctor's office or school, community learning centers who supports the environment. Everyone is invited to make costumes, floats, puppetry to promote their organization and the environment. Feminists For Change: A Community Youth Collaborative will offer several art sessions throughout the school year with material to make creative art to display at the parade.

Populus Fund Grantee Carol Flora sits on the ledge of a shallow decorative pool

About the Artist

Carol Flora is a transdisciplinary teacher and visual artist. She is a second generation immigrant of Pakistani Scottish heritage. Carol’s mother grew up in an orphanage in Glasgow, Scotland, and came to the United States as a teenager. Carol was taught to be a social justice warrior as a child learning anti-corruption ethics through her mother’s wisdom. Carol was a born artist and with her creativity has excelled in school, college, and throughout her graduate work. She graduated from The Evergreen State College in Washington State with a liberal arts degree in political and economic science. She then moved to Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband where she attended Doane University for her teaching certification. She continued to earn her Master’s of Education and her Education Specialist Degree. Carol is currently a doctoral student working on her dissertation in the area of qualitative multiple case study design for after school programming. Carol is a passionate teacher of 15 years and teaches social studies at Lincoln High School. She leads two after school clubs, Feminists For Change and Community Youth Collaborative. Carol has worked closely with students of Indigenous backgrounds from the United States, Canada, Central and South America in the visual arts, sustainability, and food systems projects. She has been on several trips to the Southwest, South Dakota, and West Virginia with her students, and recently returned from Spain with a large group of students. Her travel experience, upbringing, and relationship to the natural world has helped Carol to create Turtle Island Earth Celebration to embed the humanities, visual arts, performing arts, and sustainability into her wide repertoire of skills. Carol is passionately involved in her community through diverse art projects and this latest project will only continue to grow!