Code of Conduct

The staff and board of The Union for Contemporary Art hold ourselves to standards of conduct that are in line with the stated Core Values of the organization. We expect that collaborating artists, Co-Op and Union Members, partners, contractors, and community members participating in Union programming also meet these standards so that we may foster a safe, open, and inclusive environment where rich dialogue can flourish and systems of oppression may be challenged.

The Union reserves the right to remove anyone from our space, programs, and support who engages in conduct (both at The Union or in the wider community) not in line with the guidelines outlined below.

We encourage reporting of any action that does not meet these guidelines to Union staff or board.

Code of Conduct

1 - The Union aspires to treat everyone with fairness, respect, and dignity. We expect the same of our collaborators and program participants.

2 - Sexual harassment or harassment in any form will not be tolerated.

3 - The Union will not tolerate acts of violence of any kind including physical or verbal. Similarly, we will not tolerate any overt activity aimed at intimidation, or which can be seen as promoting or escalating threats of violence.

4 - Respect of personal property. Damage, theft, or vandalism of Union property, the property of any persons involved with or participating in Union programming, OR the surroundings of our wider North 24th Street community will not be tolerated.

5 - Show care, kindness, and respect when listening and engaging in dialogue. We value consent culture and creating brave spaces where artists and audiences feel safe and empowered to engage in challenging conversation that maintains equality and respect. When interacting with people casually or professionally, personal and emotional and physical boundaries must be respected every time.

6 - In line with our community core value, the Union will not tolerate intoxication of any kind during the use of Union facilities, during events, or while working in the Co-op Studios. To ensure the safety and artistic practices of others, you will be asked to leave and can return in 24-48 hours.

NOTE: The Union aspires to a policy of restorative justice. This means that as an organization we are committed to maintaining these standards of conduct (believing victims and addressing instances of harm), while also working to reintegrate those who have perpetrated harm into good standing within our community. Broadly, this is an ethos of “inviting in” rather than “calling out.”

We hold our organization, staff, and board accountable to this standard as well. In moments when we have been involved in the perpetration of harm, we will work toward amends of the situation and transformation of ourselves.