Patty Talbert Little Reflections text against bright textured painting by Patty

Patty Talbert - "Little Reflections"

ON VIEW: In The Union for Contemporary Art’s Blue Room window: November 14-December 6.

2020 Union Fellow and multi-medium painter Patty Talbert combines her love for batiking, bright colors, and textures in her final project Little Reflections. In the middle of the Fellowship Program Patty shifted her focus for her final project; the weight and constant grief of police brutality, violence and murder in the black community was too much to bear. She transitioned and transformed her pain to light by incorporating bright colors in her work and continuing creating works to affirm and empower our community.

“The relationship between the black community and the police department has been tumultuous for a very long time. With the gallery being closed in addition to all the turmoil of the world I found it difficult to concentrate on this subject matter…

My goal is to create a body work that will trick the eye into seeing the depth that can be created by overlapping patterns by joining the background with the foreground.”

Little Reflections will consist of 18 11x14 abstract paintings that will be linked together to reflect Patty’s philosophy, of having power within the community, we are powerful reflections as a whole. Come get lit.