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Mary Lawson (aka Mesonjixx)

Mary Lawson aka Mesonjixx Stands Arms Streched Out In Front Of A Yellow And Blue Wall

Everyday Performances

What happens when the unexpected interrupts the mundane? Throughout a tour of public places and spaces that commonly go overlooked in our day-to-day routines of ordinary life Mary Lawson (aka Mesonjixx) plans to organize a series of performances and beautified happenings in partnership with local and regional artists and orgs to help bring attention to actions and stories that need our attention.

About the Artist

Mary Elizabeth Jo Dixen Pelenaise Kapi'olani Lawson also known as Mesonjixx, is an artist, composer, writer, performer, organizer and collaborator. Belonging to two diasporas of two hemispheres, she happily calls the U.S. Midwest home. While living in Chicago (2009-2014) she began songwriting and performing in a collective called EveryPeople Workshop. When she returned to Nebraska she began writing more song intentionally, and dabbling with short visual works to accompany her live performances. After creating a set of songs on piano and a short film, she began her journey in the uniquely placed and thriving House Show Culture in Lincoln, Nebraska. At this time she found interest in collaborating with other musicians on the scene -- some of which she continues working with today.

Mary's sound, writings, and performance-ethic are rooted in her Blackness, her queerness; a nuanced, complex pattern of light held by a thread of subconscious notions of pain, pleasure and unwavering joy. As deep and expansive as the South Pasifika. An ever-evolving experiment.

Website: MesonjixxMusic.com

IG: @mesonjixxmesonjixxmesonjixx

A Black and White Portrait of Mary Lawson aka Mesonjixx