Call for artists against a painting of an abstract North Omaha cityscape with streets buildings and human figures looping through and and overlaying one another in bright colors

Call for Artists: Mount Moriah Mural Project

The Union for Contemporary Art’s Neighborhood Arts program is partnering with Spark CDI to support public arts projects for the North Omaha trail. One of the first of these public arts projects is the Mount Moriah Mural Project. Mount Moriah is located at the southern end of the North Omaha trail on 24th & Ohio Streets.

Mount Moriah, whose name means “prepared for God,” was organized in 1887 and was the first predominantly Black Baptist church in Omaha, Nebraska.

Church leaders Dr. Lassiter and Pastor Williams are looking for an artist who can create a mural that works within the following themes:


  • Black churches in North Omaha

  • Afro-Futurism

  • Ecumenical history of North Omaha


  • Open Call for Artists: June 24-July 30

  • Round 1: Dr. Lassiter + Pastor Williams select a top 5 from the submissions

  • Round 2: The Union invites the top 5 artists to propose a design of their mural / Spark will compensate each of the 5 artists a one-time honorarium for proposal

  • Round 3: Dr. Lassiter + Pastor Williams select the best proposal


  • Lead artist compensation $4000

  • Assistant artist compensation $1000

  • All supplies costs covered by Spark CDI

  • All equipment + materials provided by The Union

  • Administrative, documentation, and implementation support provided by The Union


The mural will be painted on the south-facing wall of the Mount Moriah church. The mural design will fit into a long strip – 75 feet wide by 6 feet tall – that runs along the center of the wall.

MT MORIAH mural wall The wall is a pale cream color with the dimensions 75 feet wide by 6 feet tall noted on the center portion


Design Guide
The Black Church in Omaha
North Omaha History | Black Churches


Visit links below (in English or Spanish) to submit your work for this opportunity.

This call for artists is especially looking to attract Black and Indigenous artists who live in North Omaha, but all artists are welcome to apply. Please apply if you are interested and this project speaks to you – even if you are not a resident of Omaha.

If you have any questions or would like to access an ASL translation of the application, please contact Mary Lawson at

Submit - English

ASL interpretation of the application. If any additional assistance or accommodations are needed for completing the application, please reach out to

Banner image at top includes detail from artwork by Gerard Pefung created for the North Omaha trail project.