Header A Painting Of A Line Of People Wading Through Chest High Water A Child Sits On The Shoulders Of One Person

Oria Simonini

Desde que Me Fui/ Desde que Te Fuiste: Communities in movement tracing the shapes of their journeys

This public art project seeks to create two murals as a space for dialogue between communities in North and Central America affected by the journey of migration. The project will take place in Schuyler, Nebraska, and a location to be determined in Guatemala.

Artist Oria Simonini Spray Paints A Stencil On An Outdoor Wall Crop

Artist Oria Simonini Hold A Child In Front Of A Mural Of Their Likeness

About the Artist

Oria Simonini is a Latinx artist currently based in Omaha, Nebraska. In December of 2018, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Born in French Guiana to Argentine parents, her early years were spent sailing and living in Central America. The family finally settled in Guatemala, in an area surrounded by jungle and rivers. Her paintings explore migration and the complex dialogue between the migrant and non-migrant experiences. She has shown in both Lincoln and Omaha, and in 2021 began working as a muralist and became involved in public art.

IG: @oriasimonini