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Allegra Hangen - "A Pillar for Whom"

On View: Amplify Arts (1419 South 13th Street) // November 19-December 6

A Pillar for Whom is an installation based on disappeared histories of Omaha. Multi-disciplinary artist and 2020 Union Fellow Allegra Hangen dove deep into extensive research around the Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898 that took place in present-day Kountze Place neighborhood in North Omaha. With a background in photography Allegra began investigating the photo archives at the Durham Museum which led to more information and history in the era of the TME; North Omaha History (Adam Fletcher Sasse), the UNO archives, and the Omaha Public Library were also invaluable resources.

The show will be made up of “...a handful of large-scale plaster obelisks that are reminiscent of pedestals that would normally be seen in a contemporary gallery space. These flimsy monuments are made with metal mesh, mirrors, wood lattice, fabric, and plaster. Projected on these structures and the walls will be a video walk around the old site of the Trans-Mississippi Expo grounds with archival images interspersed throughout."

Many materials used for the pieces were chosen due to their connection to the Trans-Mississippi Exposition. The TME buildings were built to be destroyed easily, with cheap lumber, burlap and horsehair, and white plaster on the surface.”

A Pillar for Whom
is a safe, social distanced installation. To view please contact: allegrahangen@gmail.com or program coordinator Mary Lawson: mary@u-ca.org to schedule your visit.