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Populus Fund - Resources for Applicants

Artists applying for 2024 Populus Fund Project Grants can make use of the several resources below when developing their application.


Follow the link below to find answers to the most common questions concerning Populus Fund.

Populus Fund FAQ

1-on-1 Application Feedback Sessions with Union Staff

1-on-1 Feedback Sessions will be held April 8–13 and April 15–20. During this time applicants can receive direct feedback regarding their application. During this 30 minute Feedback Session, you will meet via Zoom with 1-2 Union staff members who are part of the Populus Fund Team. They will offer feedback regarding your application and answer any questions you may have.

Please bring any project or application materials you would like feedback on (application, budget, work samples, etc.) Note - Union staff cannot see your application draft in Submittable. Any materials you want feedback on will need to be shared with Union staff during the meeting.

Register for a time at the link below. *If you would like an alternative to meeting on Zoom, please email us at populusfund@u-ca.org.

Register for a Feedback Session

Application - Plain Text Version

The goal of this document is to be a resource as you draft your application. You will still need to input responses to questions into the application on Submittable. **Please make a copy of this document. Once you have made a copy, you will be able to edit and draft responses to questions.

Download Plain Text Version of Application

Application Scoring Matrix

Follow the link below to see the application scoring system used by the jury.

View Application Scoring Matrix

Sample Budget

The Union has created a sample budget as an example of possible use of funds for Project Grants. You can view or download the sample budget at the link below.

(Note: the link provides a "View Only" spreadsheet, if you would like to edit and personalize this budget for your project proposal, please download or make your own copy.)

View / Download Budget

Income Tax Liability

Populus Fund Project Grants are subject to both state and federal income taxes. Artists are encouraged to consider both this tax expense and any potential cost in paying for tax preparation services. Because tax rates vary by individual, the sample budget provided above does not account for taxes. In that budget, $300 is estimated for the cost of tax preparation services (please remember this is just an estimate). Your project budget may include a line item for both these tax expenses. Please contact a tax advisor for specific recommendations on your personal tax liability.

Need help with filing you taxes or estimating what you will owe? Brass Taxes is a pretty helpful service for artists, freelancers, and other folks who may not have a degree in finance.

Sample Solo Artist Application

Follow the link below to view or download a sample application submitted by a previous Populus Fund grantee. (Artist names have been removed.)

Sample Solo Application

Sample Group Artist Application

Follow the link below to view or download a sample group application submitted by a previous Populus Fund grantee collective. (Artist names have been removed.)

Sample Group Application