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Pursuing Legacy Credits

Pursuing Legacy grew in an exponential way, I’m not sure any of us who said yes to the call of this adventure had any real idea of the magnitude of the project, the community response, the excitement of wanting to “play along” and the deep need for so many of our pieces of community history to be lifted up and acknowledged.

Please note that this credit page is a living breathing document. As we launch each set of monuments (series) additional credits will be added to this page. We are ever so grateful to everyone who entrusted a piece of their family/personal history in bringing this project to life and we will diligently work to honor everything that has been shared with us.

Main Cast of Characters
Grace Thomas - Dara Hogan
Shelia (Titus) Taylor - TammyRa
Patricia Thomas - DeChap
Clarence Titus - Raydell Cordell III

Sheila Titus - Nadia Williams
Juniper - Dani Cleveland

“Incident at the Town Tavern”
Voice of Betty Carter - Kathy Tyree
Voice of Nancy Wilson - Marie Collins
Radio announcer - Alex Bridgman

Community Cameos
Terri Sanders
Beryl Barnes

Executive Producer
Denise Marie Chapman

Creative Director and Producer
Homero Vela

Production Manager
Nik Whitcomb

The Writers Room
Kim Louise
Dara Hogan
Dani Cleveland
Homero Vela
Denise Chapman

The Design Team
Brittany Thompson
Brendan Greene-Walsh
Homero Vela

The Puzzle Team
Immersive and Experiential Engagement and Puzzle Design - Spencer Williams
Puzzle Design - Cecily Zdan
Puzzle Design - Homero Vela

Production Team
Line Producer/ Costumes/ Editor/ Unit 2/ Social Media - Nik Whitcomb
Technical Director - Brendan Greene-Walsh
Videographer- Spencer Williams
Videographer/Photographer - Lend Frison
Editor- Paul B. Allen IV
Director of Communications at The Union - Patrick Mainelli
Dan Crane
Sarah Jones
Carpenter - Alex Throop

Very Special thanks to our amazing community partners
The Omaha Star
Omaha Economic Development Center
Mr. Larry Myers
The Metoyer Family
The Union Co-Op
Mr. James Glass
Ms. Terri D Sanders
Ms. Beryl Barnes
The Starlight Chateau
The House of Afros, Capes, & Curls