Banner Alajia Mc Kizia portriat in garden next to a sunflower

Alajia McKizia - "Resonate"

On View: Livestream on Union Facebook page // Saturday, December 5, 7pm

Resonate is a multimedia show honoring and grieving black women in Omaha, Nebraska, while unveiling and releasing the roots of dehumanization and disregard of black bodies in America.

Herbalist, multi-disciplinary, movement artist and 2020 Union Fellow Alajia McKizia takes on her own reckoning through performance, visuals and an honoring of both body and land.

“My work is in direct alignment with the nuances of blackness, and energetically storytelling through "trauma informed" art. Movement is a way for me to righteously claim my body in spaces where I have felt invisible. Visually and through textile art, I use found materials to explore our relationships and attachments to them.”

Alajia’s performance will take place at Reformed, Studio and Assembly Space and will be live-streamed through The Union for Contemporary Art’s Facebook page on Saturday, December 5 at 7pm.

Donations are encouraged. Viewers can compensate artist directly here: