3 photos two young girls drawing together an actress singing on stage and a Co Op member thorwing on the pottery wheel Text reads 10 Years of Supporting Artists Made Possible By You

10th Anniversary Call for Support

For 10 years this work has been a shared effort . . .

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In 2011, The Union for Contemporary Art was founded on the belief that artists play an essential role in shaping the cultural and civic landscape of Omaha.

While the ten years since have held so many unexpected moments – they’ve only strengthened our faith in the power of art to manifest new possibilities. Illuminating the ways we create our community and world together.

Part of what makes The Union’s work unique is our commitment to supporting artists at all stages of their practice.

From the Fellowship and Co-Op Studios programs, to Exhibition, Populus Fund, Youth Engagement, and Performing Arts we are continually putting power, access, and resources in the hands of artists.

THANK YOU for your support!

2011 2021 A look back at 10 years at The Union two actors on stage laughing

Youth Engagement Two young girls examine small sculptures in the gallery

Exhibitions Program 40 Exhibitions of new work by contemporary artists Photo of Thalia Rodgers exhibition

Abundance Garden 3500 pounds of food grown photo of abundance garden in full bloom with beds full of greens

Performing Arts 17 Stage productions Actor on stage looks upward

Fellowship Program 56 artists supported photo of artist Bug Carlson at work at a desk and abstract black drawing fills a wall

Co Op Studios 670 Co Op Members two artists at work making a large series of screen prints on the floor

Neighborhood arts 5 murals created photo of artist Reggie Le Flores at work spray painting a wall