Angela Drakeford is an artist working in the Omaha area. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Nebraska at Omaha where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture.

Angela is a text-based installation artist. Her work consists of pieces that focus on the language used in personal and intimate relationships. The work blurs the line between what is considered public and private to engage the emotional baggage the viewer carries with them. Her desire is to create a visceral connection with her audience. This connection is made through reveling her own vulnerability and speaks to the larger issues facing humanity.

Being awarded a fellowship from The Union for Contemporary Art will allow her to focus on two new bodies of work. One will be a series of installations that deal with racial identity and stereotypes. The second body of work will be a collaboration with the residents of North Omaha to create a series of text-based outdoor video projections. The videos will feature words of the residents. Her goal with this project is to help the residents use contemporary art to express their feelings regarding the issues facing them. This collection of work will be projected onto buildings and houses in the North Omaha area.

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photo by  Dana Damewood

photo by Dana Damewood