Victoria Hoyt is an Omaha native who wandered briefly from the state to attend Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota after graduating from Omaha North.

In her own words:
I thought I wasn’t that attached to Nebraska, so it surprised me to defend how great Omaha was my entire undergraduate career. We have trees! It’s not that flat! We definitely do NOT ride on cows! (Really.) It made me look at Omaha differently—truly appreciating it for the first time. After a year-long stint of managing a café after graduation, I came back here for good. I worked out of the Hot Shops Art Center for several years before deciding to pursue an MFA degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Just completing the program this past spring, I’m once again looking forward to settling back into Omaha—even as I commute to be an adjunct instructor at UNL and Metro Community College in the fall. This city inspires me. It’s a place I can simultaneously move independently and connect to create change.



photo by  Dana Damewood

photo by Dana Damewood