2012 Spring Fellow

Kjell Peterson

Ceramicist + Sculptor

Omaha is the furthest East I have lived, my first time here was by plane and a couple of weeks later I drove my little truck, loaded with bike and bed, through Oregon along the Columbia then continued generally South-West until I made it here 26 hours later.

If I made that trip again I would probably head north where I last began south, following the river towards the mountains. After crossing the Rockies in Montana I would join the small streams that later become the Missouri and I would follow along through the Dakotas until I eventually arrived at Omaha’s doorstep.

I am a grateful recipient of warm welcomes and generous labors from friends and companions and totally humbled by the unexpected beauty of this place.

At the Union I am going to: build some boats; plan a trip down the Missouri; learn how to make snowshoes and teach anyone who wants to learn; start Omaha’s first tool lending library, called the North Omaha Tool Library, and try to explain to myself and the community why those things are important.

2012 Spring Fellows

Olajide Cooper

Fashion Designer

Maranda Allbritten + Tom McCauley

Bookmaker + Author

Sarah Kolar

Fiber Artist

Andrew Monbouquette + Dan Susman


Jackie Sterba