2024 Fellow

Shaquire Jones

Sound & movement exploration

Affectionately known simply as “Shaq”, Shaquire Jones (he/him) is a native of North Omaha, Nebraska.

Shaq is a multi-disciplined artist, intentional in his representation of and for Black men within the performing arts. With both the experience and recognition utilizing a variety of mediums, Shaq has established himself as a creative force in both dance, music and culture.

During his undergraduate career at Lincoln University, Shaq was a lead for the university’s dance troupe. For four years, he was an active participant and choreographer, helping to establish the troupe as an undeniable collection of well-trained and well-prepared dancers.

After graduating and returning to Omaha in the spring of 2017, he continued to hone his talents and expand his artistry. He helped to establish and serves as Co-Lead Instructor for the AP’s Legacy Dance Studio, a performance-based dance organization. In this role, Shaq was able to increase his understanding, appreciation, and connection with the learning process, increasing the impact made by exposing students who may otherwise lack the access or resources to enjoy the art of dance. This one of numerous teaching roles, including: choreographing for his alma mater’s annual recital, serving as the Lead Choreographer for the Omaha Beautillion, collaborating and performing with the Omaha Performing Arts and Opera Omaha, being a company dancer with the TBD Dance Collective, and even volunteering his time with the KUUMBA Dance Troupe at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Over the past half decade, Shaq matured and expanded as an artist. Through his passion and practice of music, he has become an award nominated DJ. In addition to curating spaces at multiple Omaha venues, his growth mindset universal appeal has afforded him the opportunity to work with numerous events and organizations, including: Juneteenth Joyfest, Kiewit’s Luminarium, the College World Series, and Google. Professionally, he has utilized his creative talents in serving as the Traveling Exhibits Coordinator with the Omaha Children’s Museum. His work in art administration is a further testament to his versatility and unique ability to find comfort and success across an array of art expression.

Shaq is excited and honored to be a 2024 Inside/Outside Fellow with The Union for Contemporary Arts.

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