The Co-Op is comprised of communal studios outfitted with equipment which the majority of our city’s artists previously had no access to. Artists in the greater Omaha area can now access this equipment by becoming Co-Op members. The funds raised through membership fees are put right back into the studios, helping us maintain the equipment and purchase supplies. Artists wishing to learn how to expand their creative practice will have an opportunity to attend regularly scheduled artist-led workshops that will provide an overview of how to use the equipment in the studios. 

Co-Op Studio Tech Hours:       
Tuesday // Ceramics: Jesse Ross, Print: Dan Crane,
Photo: 5-8 p.m.  
Wednesday // Ceramics: Jesse Ross, Print: Dan Crane
Thursday  // Ceramics: Jesse Ross, Print: Dan Crane
Friday //  Variable Ceramics/Print                
Saturday // Ceramics: Jesse Ross, Print: Dan Crane
Sunday // Ceramics: Jesse Ross, Print: Dan Crane

Co-Op Studio Hours:                               
Tuesday // 2-9 p.m.
Wednesday // 2-9 p.m.
Thursday // 2-9 p.m.                               
Friday // noon - 5 p.m.
Saturday // noon - 5 p.m.
Sunday // noon - 5 p.m.


Find out everything you need to know about using the Co-Op Studios by reading our Terms of Use + House Rules. If you'd like to sign up for a membership, see below. Please note, members must be 18+. Annual Memberships $120 / 6-Month Memberships $80. If you need financial assistance for membership, please let us know!  


Workshops are FREE for Co-Op Members, $10–$40 for the public. Supply fees will be listed as they apply. Please note one-day and multi-part workshops. »»

Please stay tuned for updates and feel free to email our Co-op Manager at with any questions or to be added to our email newsletter. 

Ceramic Studio 


The ceramic studio equipped with six pottery wheels, one gas kiln, one electric kiln, glaze spray booth, a large work table, and a variety of tools. Works made in the studio are regularly fired by our staff, as needed.  There are storage shelves for works in progress and works that are ready for firing.  

Print Studio 


Our print shop houses an American French Tool relief - Intaglio floor press and table top press, 18"x24" etching tank. We also have equipment for screen printing, including multiple printing tables, a large exposure unit, 4 color/one station shirt press, flash dryer  and a spray booth with a power washer. The shop is fully ventilated and contains a 30”x48” print drying rack.   


Our photo studio and darkroom is equipped with three black and white enlargers, a color enlarger, a Jobo color processor and developer, a film drying cabinet and other assorted equipment needed to develop and print photographs from film.  

Fiber arts


The fiber arts studio is equipped with three Janome Heavy Duty sewing machines, a Juki serger, two 32" looms, large work/cutting table and a tackable wall for pattern layout.  

Digital design 

The digital design lab is equipped with four iMacs each loaded with the full Adobe Suite, a Epson large format scanner and a Epson large format printer. 

If you have questions regarding The Co-Op or any of our equipment, please reach out to Joey Lynch at If you are a non-profit interested in using our space for a workshop or program, please contact Paige Reitz at